The Museum of Dreams

c/o The Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B9


The Museum of Dreams publishes work about the social and political significance of dream-life. Our projects typically focus on actual dream reports, drawn from the historical record, or cultural works that deal with dream-life. We are interested in forging connections with writers, performers, and artists and we collaborate closely with contributors to support and develop both creative and scholarly projects—work that is attentive to form and takes into account current discussions and debates.

Many of our projects are commissioned by the editors, however, we welcome inquires and proposals at any time. We begin by working with each contributor on a conceptual level, discussing the ideas underlying the project and aesthetic strategies, as well as potential collaborations with other artists, writers, or technicians. While there is no limit on the length of proposed projects, keep in mind our Collections entries rarely contain more than 8000 words. 

The best way to know if your submission is appropriate is to read some of the work featured on our Collections page.   

Short proposals and a brief bio can be submitted to: